Scooter Braun: 'We have hard times ahead of us'

Scooter Braun talks Covid-19 impact on the music industry and the mentality that continues to drive his successful business career on yahoo finance’s “influencers with andy serwer”.

Sharing quotes and clips from Ithaca Holdings Chairman & SB Projects Founder Scooter Bruan’s candid conversation with Yahoo Finance for an episode of “Influencers with Andy Serwer” airing today. Braun discusses everything from COVID-19’s impact on the music industry and his business career, to his views on economic recovery and the current political climate.

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Scooter Braun on the economic recovery:

“...we have hard times ahead of us. You know, I can speak from this place of like, oh, we're gonna be okay, but I'm not in the same position as a lot of people. You know, there's a lot of people who have been living check to check. So many households in The United States are one medical emergency away from bankruptcy and disaster. And this is putting a tremendous toll on those families. So what I think we need to do is number one, thank god the private sector is involved because I think that will get us a vaccine a lot faster. I think that we need to figure out ways to fight this.”

Scooter Braun on the health of the music industry:

“We're in a lucky position because we're diversified...The record label that we were able to purchase Big Machine is up 8% in this time, because streaming is up. So consumption is up there and actually very interesting enough in music. The genre that is one the most in consumption is actually country music. So that that's been a very, very good thing for our business. Live is down. But I think things happen for a reason in certain respects. And for us while live is down, we put home studios and every one of our artists houses, our engineers are able to work remotely. And we've just been making albums. And I think that this quiet time has been a really creative time for all the acts that we work with. And my belief when it comes to live is that everything you know, I'm waiting to at least next summer. I think there needs to be one big moment that calls us out as a community and tells us it's okay to go back to the way that we were….”

Scooter Braun on the political climate:

“I just think it's it's more than Donald Trump. I think the entire climate on both sides is very frustrating for me. I don't think you should be yelling at the same people you claim to protect. And that goes for both sides. I think real leadership about humbling yourself in the moment, and about making even the person who disagrees with you feel valued so they can hear your voice. I don't understand how a virus in healthcare has become a political issue. I don't understand how health is a political issue.”