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Frequently Asked Questions

Sound Kits will work with any DAW. FL Studio, Logic Pro X, Ableton, Cubase, Studio One, Pro Tools, Reason, Garage Band, etc.

MAC or PC. Any Version.

You will need 3rd Party Plugins to use the Presets.

As long as the program accepts Audio WAV files.

If you are having issues downloading please use Google Chrome Browser, and have a reliable internet connection. 

1. Follow the link in your email and download the ZIP File in full. 

Please note that you will only required to download ONE (1) Single Copy to Extract the Zip File, and Import the Sound Kit Folder. There is no need to download all available sessions.

2. You will then need to extract the file. Use WinRAR/Winzip if necessary or your built in decompressor. 

**MAC USERS Unable To Expand Error 1/ Error 79:

Download and use The Unarchiver App or Winzip. The default Archive Utlity will not open the zip file unfortunately.

3. Once extracted, Import/drag and drop the folder into your workstation.

If you continue to have further issues please send us a message with an image and description of the issue.

Thank you.

In order to use the PRESETS you will need the appropriate plugins. Our kits do not come with the third party plugins such as Omnisphere, Serum, etc. You will need to purchase their products before hand in order to use the add-on sounds in the kit.

You will have to drop the individual presets directly into your plugin vst directory folder on your computer. You may not be able to import directly from the VST.

We suggest looking at a few youtube videos.

Sound Packs are delivered through Google Servers to achieve top speeds and made available for instant download. They are zipped in a compressed file and must be unzipped using the basic tools of your OS before use.

They are available for immediate download and are not physically mailed to your address.

Large files are sent inside a text file with a third party link. Open the text and follow the link inside.

Due to the nature of the product we do not offer refunds.

Only duplicate orders will be refunded.

If there any problems with your downloads we will do anything we can to help.

Only Major Commercial Placements must credit, production usually split 50/50 with original owner.  (WARNER, SONY, UNIVERSAL, etc.)

Yes, but you will be responsible to report & credit major commercial releases.

If you have questions please contact us through Facebook Messenger or Email.